2022 Q2 Report

Pursuant to our goal of rebalancing the portfolio, we have launched new startups and have begun making profits. Our early-phase objective is to establish a wide range of products that have quick turnover rates and can easily be scaled once warranted. We have a track record in retail spanning over a decade before the pandemic and we are looking to use this to our advantage as the restrictions loosen up over the next couple of months.

Therefore, the team has decided to increase our portfolio allocation for cash-heavy, low-risk ventures by leveraging and integrating the resources we have now: capital, entrepreneurial experience, technical expertise, connections, and growth partners. We will further increase our revenues by on-boarding our scholars into our business ventures—a win-win arrangement for the Fund and its beneficiaries, allowing us to take additional profits while the markets are down. 

2022 Q1 Report

Shown below is a draft of our Roadmap outlining the direction that the Fund shall be taking in the foreseeable future. There will be a lot of revisions vis-à-vis the expansion of our business holdings once the teams convene; but the general consensus so far is to focus on adding more revenue streams and continue growing and onboarding new talent.


As of June 30, 2022

Empire Ultra Portfolio
Coffee Ultra
☑️ R&D Nitro Cold Brew
☑️ Launch brand
☑️ First booth
☑️ Initial batch of resellers
☑️ Sell 1,000 bottles
🔲 Integrate with SP pool once F2F resumes
Prestige Ultra
☑️ Soft launch
🔲 Ad campaigns
Smart Ultra: Solar & Automation
☑️ R&D
🔲 First client
🔲 Partnership with ALTO
🔲 Ad video shoot
🔲 Relaunch Mapúa Business Club
Coolegio Portfolio
☑️ Relaunch BOLD Mapúa
🔲 Relaunch Schoolegio in 30+ markets
🔲 Relaunch Shirtard
🔲 Photoshoots & ad campaigns
🔲 Product line diversification
Real Estate Portfolio
☑️ Rental income streams
🔲 Start designing building #1
Fund management
☑️ Crypto staking rewards
🔲 Exit Option Schedule, 5M cash post-buyout
🔲 Consolidate funds
🔲 Accumulate more shares in small-cap & mid-cap corporations in the renewable energy sector
🔲 Further fund rebalancing, cash reserves
🔲 Development and expansion of businesses
🔲 Acquisitions and launching of new ventures
🔲 Wider distribution and improving the marketing arm
🔲 Content creation and other media projects
🔲 New partnerships & collaborations
🔲 Begin the construction of building #1
Startup due diligence
🔲 Aquaponics & food production
🔲 Aviation venture
🔲 Gun range & ammunitions
🔲 F&B ventures
🔲 Gym/Fitness venture
🔲 Review Articles of Incorporation
🔲 Review Bylaws
🔲 Reconstitute the board of directors
🔲 Re-incorporate company (10th year anniversary of RVG)
🔲 Completion of building #1
🔲 Open brick & mortar businesses in building #1
🔲 Discuss IPO plans long-term

EXIT OPTION SCHEDULE: The shift in our focus necessitates restructuring our investor pool, after which the Fund shall be primed to pursue bigger projects in 2023. We will make an announcement once the resources needed for this undertaking are earmarked and ready for disbursement.

We have added new people to our core team and, as a whole, remain committed to becoming a leading alternative diversified investment management group. We appreciate your continued support!

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