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For Resellers, Distributors, and Influencers.

Do you have the skills and charisma? Join our growing team today!

For aspiring Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople.

Launch your brand. We’ll do the hard parts… you focus on building!

For Orgs, Student Councils, and Corporate Accounts.

We’ll make raising funds easy for your team, rewarding for each member.

For Investors, Developers, and Executives.

Add fuel to the growth. Take part in future projects. By invitation only.

The demand for our clothing brands have always been high. Still, our goal is to eventually create new types of products with our Partners.

Coolegio traces its roots to 1995—as a small, family-owned t-shirt printing operation; it has since grown into a business with 100+ products in the market. In 2008, it expanded its retail and merchandising activities by offering bags and accessories. 5 years later, it fully acquired BOLD Mapúa Shirts (a clothing brand founded in 2009). This acquisition served as a stepping stone for entering other college merch markets under its spin-off brand Schoolegio.


(Under construction. This shall include the next phases, including owning your own business. We are looking to get into food, tech, jewelry, and more.)

Organizational Partners

Coolegio has been an invaluable partner to many organizations, student councils, and departments over the years—across different colleges and universities.
We’ll make raising funds for your team easy, and rewarding for each and every member.

Why We’re The Best Fit For Your Team


No Capital Needed

We understand that most tenures inherit debt and liabilities from their predecessors. Our Partner-Relationship teams are trained to help your organization raise funds so your officers would never ever have to shell out personal funds for your projects’ costs and expenses. We will hit the ground running to ensure that, together, we can bring your finances back into healthy levels.


We Have Reach & We Can Keep Up

Our new system is built for scale and speed; our platform is meticulously designed and optimized specifically for the purpose of fundraising activities. Even in the absence of a physical booth, we can process and fulfill orders because Coolegio has continuously developed its logistical capabilities and has fully adapted to emerging technologies.


We Love Collaborations

Your designs… right next to ours. We have skilled designers and graphic artists at your disposal; ready to conceptualize and create to turn your vision into reality. Through the deployment of our resources and production facilities, we can support you in achieving your goals and objectives. You can also receive funds through our other offerings.


A Wealth of History and Experience

Our team is eager to work alongside yours. We will boost your results by leveraging our skills, our reach, and considerable resources. Coolegio is here for the long run—for your predecessors, for you, and for your future successors. We are proud of the reputation of our brand, the expertise of our team, and the breadth of our network – let’s talk about how we can put these to work for you.


“The Coolegio x Student Council partnership was a breath of fresh air to our student councils and organizations before. It helped a lot not only in promoting events, activities and projects, but more importantly in raising funds, which is an essential aspect in every organization. The partnership paved the way in creating an easier and hassle-free way of raising passive funds. Super approachable nila to the point na the partnership was very flexible and adjustable. The partnership will always cater and prioritize first the welfare of your organizations. Super solid!”

Paul Cortez
President, Central Student Council (2018-2019)
President, SCEGE Student Council (2017-2018)






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