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Our objective in this program is to find and train students who are looking to start building wealth early. One of our goals is to work extra closely with the best candidates in this process, and launching projects with them. We strive to create a strong and supportive community of like-minded individuals who share similar values and goals in life.

Definition of terms

Partner Code:  This will be used by our systems to track your sales and overall performance. It will also be used by your Online Sales customers as Promo Code for discounts/freebies.

Online Sales:  Sales that are made through coolegio.com wherein the customer uses your assigned Promo Code. Your orders will appear on your Monitoring Sheet.

Monitoring Sheet:  This is provided to every member when they sign up. This allows them to view and track the statuses of all of their sales, progress, and tasks.

Direct Sales:  SaThe opposite of Online Sales, these are often made face to face, wherein you sell products that you have on-hand, availed through Bulk Order.

Bulk Order:  Unlike Online SalesDirect Sales require some capital, but the commission rate is much higher. The ability to place Bulk Orders is what separates Resellers from Growth Partners. Payments for Bulk Orders must be made before the delivery of the items.

Starter Pack:  10 Limited-Edition Lanyards priced at ₱200 each. New members can avail this only once for ₱500, and expect to make ₱1,500 from selling all 10 pieces.

Commissions:  These are earnings through Online Sales (15%) and Direct Sales (25%). They can also be made through Supply Deals, Client Acquisitions, etc.

Cuts:  These are earnings through managing team members, from deal/project referrals, etc.

Unit:  Members are grouped into Units, where they are mentored and looked after by Unit Leadersine Sales (15%) and Direct Sales (25%). They can also be made through Supply Deals, Client Acquisitions, etc.


Resellers:  These are new members who are earning exclusively through Online Sales only. Average income: ₱2,613/month.

Growth Partner:  These are members who have availed the Starter Pack and have begun placing Bulk Orders to earn from Direct Sales. Average income: ₱15,104/month.

Unit Leader Candidate:  After completing the milestones on their Monitoring Sheet, Growth Partners may apply to become Unit Leader Candidates. They will be assigned tasks and to spearhead projects in preparation for a leadership role. Average income: ₱21,697/month.

Unit Leader: Responsible for their Unit’s performance, they are expected to mentor and support their Unit’s members, and in return, they receive bonus earnings based on their Unit’s overall performance. Average income: ₱31,344/month.

Division Manager: They are highly experienced members who have gone through extensive training and testing, tasked with overseeing several Units. Average income: ₱152,320/month.

Group Director: (not yet implemented)


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