From Zero.

To Your First Million.

Be a Coolegio Growth Partner.

One Of Your Biggest Regrets In Your 30s Will Be “Not Investing Early”

Creating Multiple Income Streams Will Help You And Your Family Long Term

Are you…
✓ A student in a major university
✓ Goal-oriented and driven
✓ Capable of thinking creatively
✓ Competent and willing to learn
✓ Able to undergo our rigorous training process

You know what’s better than a sports car? Financial strength. Our mission is simple: help young people build wealth early and equip them with the network and resources to grow it.

Track your growth

Clarity in career trajectory

We breakdown your progression and learning into simple steps so you know exactly where you stand and how you can rise through the ranks.

A GP Candidate can earn from both direct sales and online sale brought into the website. Results can be monitored in real-time.

☑ Complete Starter Pack sales (+₱501.00)
☑ Receive Promo Code for Online Sales
☑ Receive access to Monitoring Sheets

Much like quests, you move up simply by accomplishing tasks. You’ll be encouraged to hone your other skills and start growing your circle.

☑ Growth Partner on-boarding
☑ Receive access to GC
☑ Complete Booster Pack sales
☑ First bulk order (25% comms)

Once you accumulate enough knowledge and experience, you will be given the opportunity to lead and mentor your own team of Growth Partners.

☑ Access to curated learning materials
☑ Support and learn from UL initiatives
☑ Receive 1 on 1 mentorship

As Unit Leader, you will be responsible for orienting GP Candidates and helping Growth Partners move up from GP1 all the way up to GP10.

☑ Get rewards for providing guidance to GPs.
☑ Launch new designs/products
☑ Initiate marketing campaigns

Make it your mission to help others accomplish their tasks and meet their targets.

☑ Negotiations with orgs
☑ Oversee new product developments
☑ Organize group events and vacation trips

Start your own company, with our resources and sales force at your disposal to ensure your success.

☑ Create a business plan
☑ Receive capital funding
☑ Grow the business

We’ll help you jumpstart your earnings!

Create momentum for your financial journey

Our group’s leadership and venture partners all started as GPs. Everyone is expected to have gone through this process to ensure that not only are they capable, but that they have earned their place in the group by contributing in the growth of the startups under Coolegio Ventures. Once it’s your turn to create your company, you can rely on new GPs growing yours through its critical stages.

Growth Partner
Starter Pack 2000
10+3 Lanyards | ₱2,000
₱600.00 ~₱1,120.00
Net Profit


Total paid out to Resellers since 2015


Growth Partners across different universities


The average first week income of new GPs

A caring community to help you build wealth.

We only get to live one life; don’t let yours become an ordinary one. Let’s work together to make it exceptional! Start your first million story today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information

What are Growth Partners?

This program serves as the starting point for our student partners. We provide learning and earning opportunities for GPs as they work to qualify for Venture Partnership, through which, Coolegio will fund, list, launch, and incubate their start-up businesses.

Trial by fire

The Purpose of this Program

We don’t want just anyone—we need the best so we can thrive. This selection process in not meant to be easy. We want to focus our attention and resources on those who prove they deserve it the most.
Once you finish the GP program, not only will you be knowledgeable and certified—you will also have enough earnings in your savings account to feel more confident in pursuing more ambitious personal objectives. We would be honored to fund your ideas and bring them to market in order to increase your income streams.

Let’s work together!

The Goal of this Program

New graduates and board passers quickly realize how inadequate employment salaries are. Even if they do decide to start a business in order to supplement their income, they simply cannot commit the necessary attention it takes because of how time-consuming normal jobs are. Their inability to improve their lives often leads to lifelong regrets for not building wealth early.

25+ years in business

Constant High Demand, Massive Opportunity

Every year, there are millions of new college students. We’ve had hundreds of Resellers, most of them have made 5 to 7 figures in their college years. If they can do it, so can you!
Our iconic lanyards are among our best-selling products—no size variations to worry about! Do you have questions? Msg us:
How do I start?

You can begin by purchasing a Starter Pack.

Fully-integrated data architecture
We are continuously building and improving our systems to keep up with your speed.
Automated calculations for real-time monitoring
Transparency is key. You need to know exactly where your effort goes.
Sales is an essential skill, but it’s only the beginning
We will fund your product ideas and list them on our platform for other members to sell.
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