Phase 0 (Finance & Equity): We will be reducing the size of our equity pool thereby increasing investor returns. Our focus shall be to reach 100m in assets, trimming off short-term investors, and working closely with the remaining and new ones.
▢ Fresh capital raise
▢ Exits for investors
▢ Meetings with investors
▢ Audits & balance sheets
Phase 1 (Mastery): Improvement and maximization of operations in preparation for Phase 2’s aggressive customer and reseller acquisition efforts.
▢ Operational improvements
▢ Inventory automation
▢ Website optimization
▢ Flow charts
▢ 100+ listings on Shopee
▢ 100+ listings on Lazada
▢ Cross-platform mapping
Phase 2 (Outreach): Online content and face-to-face collaborations to build a large network as the foundation for Phase 3.
▢ Rework funnels
▢ Coolegio articles
▢ Photoshoots
▢ Ad campaigns
▢ 100k FB Page Likes
▢ Org Partnerships
▢ Growth Partners / Resellers
▢ Events, product collabs, booths
Phase 3 (Diversification): Expansion of product lines and initial foray into scalable, non-physical products.
▢ Strengthen other brands
▢ Food and Bev
▢ Repeat products/consumables
▢ High ticket items
▢ e-Learning

Phase 4 (Content creation): Solidifying Coolegio as more than an e-Commerce company and increasing brand awareness for its individual ventures.
▢ Business/Finance podcast
▢ More Coolegio articles
▢ Long form content
▢ Youtube shorts, Tiktok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels
▢ Influencer roster
▢ Big collaborations
Phase 5 (Future projects): Will be done ONLY upon executing Phase 1-4. Coolegio will be positioned as a venture capital firm and holding firm
▢ AI due diligence, integration for scaling purposes
▢ Initial acquisitions as a VC firm
▢ Building a strong track-record as a start-up incubator
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